Compagnie des Equipements Techniques et Industriels pour l'Habitat
(Home Technical and Industrial Equipment Company)

Born in Machecoul and synonymous with Belle Menuiserie (Beautiful Frames), Bel'M became CETIH in 2012. This progress was built on a model of sustainable performance, based on innovation, quality, operational performance and Corporate and Environmental Responsibility. Its development is achieved through growth and acquisitions.

Porte Aluminium Bel'M - Azur

Bel'M aluminium door - Azure with matching canopy

Porte d’entrée Aluminium, porte de garage et portail de clôture SWAO – Némo

SWAO aluminium entrance door and garage door - Némo

Porte d’entrée Bois Bel’M – Estampe

Bel'M wooden entrance door - Estampe

Porte d’entrée Bois Zilten – Nativ 2

Zilten wooden entrance door - Nativ 2

CETIH (Compagnie des Equipements Techniques et Industriels pour l'Habitat) is a French industrialist that specialises in the housing envelope. CETIH's activity focuses on the manufacture of frames and fittings (steel door and window frames and steel leaf doors) as well as on energy solutions for the home. The company now has six brands: Bel'M, Zilten, SWAO, CID, Systovi and Novatech Europe (joint venture, 50% owned by CETIH and 50% by Novatech Inc. - Canada).

CETIH's activity focuses on the housing envelope:

CETIH in figures:



Know-how in
frames and fittings





industrial sites




entrance door




(3 PVC and 2 aluminium)

Carte des sites CETIH

The sites are dedicated to the manufacture of entrance doors and windows, divided along the lines of materials and know-how, and energy solutions for the home

Machecoul (Loire-Atlantique, 44) Portes d'entrée Aluminium

Machecoul (Loire-Atlantique, 44)
Aluminium entrance doors

Machecoul (Loire-Atlantique, 44) Portes d'entrée Bois et Mixte

Machecoul (Loire-Atlantique, 44)
Wood and combination entrance doors

Roanne (Loire, 42) Ouvrants en Acier

Roanne (Loire, 42)
Steel leaf doors

Roanne (Loire, 42) Portes d'entrée Acier

Roanne (Loire, 42)
Steel entrance doors

Roncey (Manche, 50) Fenêtres PVC, portes d'entrée PVC

Roncey (Manche, 50)
PVC windows, PVC entrance doors

Saint-Macaire-en-Mauges (Maine-et-Loire, 49) Fenêtres PVC et fenêtres Aluminium

Saint-Macaire-en-Mauges (Maine-et-Loire, 49)
PVC windows and Aluminium windows

Saint-Herblain (Loire-Atlantique, 44) Solutions énergétiques de l'habitat

Saint-Herblain (Loire-Atlantique, 44)
Energy solutions for the home

Specialist in entrance doors and reception for the home

Bel'M designs, manufactures and markets more than 200 entrance doors in various materials (Aluminium, Combination, Wood and Steel). Models that combine design, innovation, quality and respect for the environment.

Zilten doors demonstrate personality with daring and technology.

In addition to being attractive and creative, they are also effective, protective and insulating. 7 ranges, 7 unique personalities: more than 120 models including many choices of materials, forms, options and colours.

An all round selection of entrance doors and windows.

Born from the transformation of the PAB and MTN companies, SWAO manufactures more than 150 types of entrance door in 4 materials: Steel, Aluminium and mixed(Alu/wood), PVC and Wood. SWAO also specialises in windows and roller shutters for the family home with 5 window ranges and 4 types of roller shutter.

Novatech Europe is 50% owned by CETIH and 50% by Novatech Inc. - Canada.

The company manufactures custom steel panels that it distributes within France and Europe.

Systovi, energy autonomy for life

As a renowned French innovator and industrialist, Systovi is the leader in solar solutions for the home. Its systems reduce energy bills and improve the interior quality of life.

Ma Petite Energie, solar energy access for all

Partner of the French manufacturer Systovi, Ma Petite Energie offers custom solar power systems.


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